July 2016 | Realm of RIUM+

DeLorean Fuel Pump Re-grounding

DeLorean Fuel Pump Re-groundingYet another weak point in the DeLorean’s electrical system is, well, almost all its grounds. In normal cars it’s common to ground everything directly to the metal body of the car, because it’s convenient and it’s everywhere. However because the DeLorean’s body is mostly non-conductive fibreglass, return wires have to be laid to act as... Read More »

DeLorean RPM Relay Upgrade

DeLorean RPM Relay UpgradeOne of many known “weak points” in the DeLorean is the RPM relay. You might think that with a name like that it would have something to do with the tachometer or the engine’s revolutions per minute – but no, that’d make too much sense for this car. ūüėČ This is a pretty custom relay... Read More »

DeLorean Cooling Fan Relay Upgrade

DeLorean Cooling Fan Relay UpgradeI received a bunch of positive feedback about documenting repairing my DeLorean’s shorted electrical compartment, particularly quite a few people who were curious about what kind of work it takes to maintain a DeLorean. So I’m gonna try posting details of all my constant fix-it jobs/upgrades on here. Let’s see how this goes! The whole... Read More »