HSBNE is not a Safe Space

So, first off, the primary intended audience of this post is current/future members of HSBNE aka Hackerspace Brisbane. If you’re wondering why I’m writing this here somewhere open & public, it’s partly because I’m being blocked from posting it in the forums, but also because saying these things only in private has only allowed the... Read More »

About Me

About MeSome people wonder who I am. Those people are right to wonder. So long as their thoughts don’t wander too far away. I go by RIUM+, or riumplus, or Mike Ando, and I currently reside in sunny Brisbane, Australia. By day, I help to make buildings more Energy Efficient. By night, I’m a Professional Geek... Read More »


ContactIf you have a burning desire to speak to me, you can contact me using various ways, methods, mediums, symbols, shapes, forms, personas, colours and species. However, I’d prefer conversing with a humanoid instead of a ravenous Bugblatter beast of Traal. No offence intended towards the Bugblatter beasts of Traal, but they’re not my personal... Read More »