Mad Scientist Knife Switch Extension Cord

There’s a running joke amongst my friends that I’m an actual time-travelling mad scientist – mostly because it’s more true than false. So I figured, why not run with it a little and have some fun with it. So that’s what I’ve done here – I’ve restored this old Mad Scientist’s Knife Switch into perfect working order!

Knife Switch 1

A 2x DPDT knife switch, rated for 500V 60A, with arc suppressors

Safety is important – especially when you’re going to have “exposed” bare copper like I have here. In this case, the exposed bare copper is only ever running at 5 Volts, and those +5V connections are used to open/close various relays. You can even lick the bare copper if you wanted without feeling so much as a tingle.

Knife Switch 2

“Pull the Lever, Kronk!”

Fully restored/repaired/running, this knife switch is now sitting around my house as a random extension cord you can use to turn on any appliance that you plug it in with.

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