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A real Myst Book
(aka realMyst: The Book!)
by RIUM+ (Mike Ando)

Mysterium 2012, 4 August 2012
Who am I?
Just a crazy guy from Brisbane, Australia
(shout out to Port Hack HSBNE, you guys rock)

Other Myst Projects

Why build a Myst book?

* No one's done it properly
* I like a challenge
* It'd be AWESOME

Finding parts was HARD

The book's identity...

Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Volume 54, Issue 312
December 1876 to May 1877

Restoring the book

Shout out to Ian Bates of Sage Old Books

The Myst font isn't consistent
My final version

One more thing...

Bring me the pages

Turning it on...

Shrinking a whole computer
The motherboard

Displaying everything
Powering the book

The speakers

Assembling it all
So that's it!

Any questions?

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