Riven Village/Tay Cake Pops

I’m a bit late sharing this on my website, but here’s our entry for the second annual @cyanworlds #CyanCake2 competition! This entry is set 25 years after Riven’s demise. With the rest of the villagers having moved in, Tay’s hive became full, so they built additional huts along the cliffs…

…Or I’ve come up with a convenient narrative excuse for making Riven Village/Tay Cake Pops! ūüėČ

A decorative set of cake pops in a custom black stand, inspired by the video game Riven: The Sequel to Myst. The main one in the middle is Tay, which looks vaguely like a golf ball on a tree trunk. Around the “cliff” edges are little villager hut cake pops. These have miniature chocolate bridges & ladders between them

The cakes are dark chocolate, tequila & chilli flavoured, as that seemed like a very Riven-esque combination to us. The outsides are all coloured white chocolate. Everything except the cake pop sticks and the stand is 100% edible with no armature wire or other supports used.

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 2

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 3

@made_meka and I first tried Tay itself, but melting the chocolate to make the window depressions didn’t work very well at scale, so we pivoted to villager huts.

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 4

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 5

There are NO supports/wires in any of the bridges/ladders/etc; those are 100% chocolate! Each piece was made individually, then “glued” together with liquid chocolate in an air-conditioned, humidity-controlled room.

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 6

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 7

Cake pops need a stand to hold them up, so we built Tay’s cliffs. They were made from 5mm foam board, traced freehand while watching the flyby video.

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 8

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 9

A super big thanks again to @made_meka for their help with this!

Now it’s time for me to pop some Rivenese cake pops!

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 10

Riven Village Tay Cake Pops 11

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