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Gehn’s Holographic Imager/​Andotrope

Gehn’s Holographic Imager/​AndotropeFor my secret project for Mysterium 2023, I’ve spent the past 8 months making a replica of one of Gehn’s holographic Imagers from the game Riven: The Sequel to Myst… And thanks to some patent-pending new tech I’ve developed that I’m calling an Andotrope, I’m excited to say that the holographic part actually functions!  ... Read More »

Riven Village/Tay Cake Pops

Riven Village/Tay Cake PopsI’m a bit late sharing this on my website, but here’s our entry for the second annual @cyanworlds #CyanCake2 competition! This entry is set 25 years after Riven’s demise. With the rest of the villagers having moved in, Tay’s hive became full, so they built additional huts along the cliffs… …Or I’ve come up with... Read More »

Riven Elementary Restored

Riven Elementary RestoredWhat’s that? Today’s Riven: the Sequel to Myst‘s 25th Anniversary? And because the whole game is based around the number 25, that makes it an extra special anniversary?? Time for me to release something extra special then! Time for me to release a fully restored version of Riven Elementary. Download Riven Elementary Restored   What’s... Read More »

Myst Island Cake

Myst Island CakeOn the 7th of November 2020, Cyan Worlds announced the first annual Myst Island Cake Baking Contest, under the #MystIslandCake hashtag. I couldn’t resist having a go… Around 60 hours of work between us later, here’s the end result! (YouTube link in case the above video doesn’t work for you) We started with planing the... Read More »

25-Hour Digital Myst Clock/Chronometer

25-Hour Digital Myst Clock/ChronometerMy wall clock in my house recently died, and with there being a running joke that I’m a time traveller thanks to my DeLorean, I thought I might as well build a replacement clock myself so it could be extra unique. Here’s what I came up with: a self-setting, self-correcting, self-adjusting wall clock/chronometer that tells... Read More »

Cyan logo music played on the piano

Cyan logo music played on the pianoIf you haven’t already heard, Cyan are running a Kickstarter campaign for Myst’s 25th anniversary! For $99USD you can get a copy of all the games (including the elusive 3 & 4), updated for modern Windows & Mac computers, plus it comes in a box that looks like a Myst linking book. Or for $169USD... Read More »

The Riven Journals Restored

The Riven Journals RestoredThat’s right, the Riven Journals are back online! You can read more about them below or dive right in. I recommend beginning with either the middle Journal or the rightmost Journal, and leave the leftmost Journal for last – you need to solve the other four before you’ll know how to solve the leftmost one,... Read More »

New website, new Riven Journals upgrade

New website, new Riven Journals upgradeIt’s been so long since I updated my personal website, I decided to just start from scratch with a whole new one. Something that’s not, well, entirely coded by hand in Notepad so maybe I’ll be more likely to update it as updates will be easier. I’ll re-add more old content whenever I get around... Read More »

A real Myst book

A <em>real</em> Myst bookThis is a project I’ve been working on for six years – a replica linking book from the video game Myst… Aka, a real Myst book. (click to embiggen)   This is a “working” replica of a Myst linking book. It’s made out of a copy of the same book Cyan originally scanned as a... Read More »